Cinque-LED DMX Dimmer 5 x 8A Channels *Non-stock item, Please allow lead time of 2-6 days*


Simply put, the Cinque-LED DMX Dimmer is fantastic.

It has all the features our film, television, and theatrical friends have been asking for. It is an extremely durable metal, rugged housing with professional-grade XLR 5-Pin In/Out and RJ45 In/Out for DMX signal. The terminal blocks used for the input have two spaces for Voltage + and two spaces for GND which allow for the huge current capability this unit has 5 X 8A = 40 AMPS of power!

This unit also has a easy-to-read LED display for setting address and manual mode settings. The Cinque-LED DMX Dimmer has 8 bit and 16 bit resolution modes  as well as output PWM frequency adjustable settings from 500Hz to 35kHz.  On top of all of that there is ALSO a gamma curve value which adjusts the dimming curve of the unit so you can have an extremely high resolution low end or an extremely high resolution high end. It's entirely up to you!

The Cinque-LED DMX Dimmer is BY FAR the most advanced standalone DMX Decoder controller unit on the market, EVER!

This controller can be used with all of our FlexLED Tape products and Modules

  • This unit converts DMX-512/1990 standard digital signal into five dimmable channels.
  • Uses RJ45 Ethernet or 5-pin XLR connectors to control LEDs via any lighting console or through computer software.
  • Can create over 16 million colors when used with our Colorful FlexLED Tapes (RGBA, RGBVW RGBW, RGB, Bi-Color, White)
  • LED Interface provides easy functionality for DMX addressing as well as full manual mode & test control options. 

Output Current (A)


5 CH @ 8A/CH = Max 40A (7A/CH = 35A per UL)

Output Power (W)


480W @ 12V / 960W @ 24V (420 / 840W per UL)

Supply Voltage


12V - 24V DC

Size (mm)


164 X 73 X 38 

Working Temperature


-20°C to + 50°C




PWM Frequency


500Hz to 35kHz

IP Rating


IP40 - Indoor Use Only

Flicker Free



Bit Rate


8 Bit & 16 Bit

    *For Constant Current model, pls refer to its User Manual.
    Refer to Installation Guide Prior to Installing.

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