Clearance - EyeZoom Spotlight - RGBW 3000k

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An industry first is our new zoomable RGB+W 10-watt spotlight. Featuring a zoom lens which allows for a 10 degree spot to 45 degree flood with our unique colour-blend technology which results in even colour output across the entire beam field no matter what brightness level or zoom angle.  A high CRI white LED tuned to 3000k as well as a Red, Green, and Blue LED all in one fixture allows for limitless colour possibilities.. Dimmable via our stand-alone Cinque 700ma or 350ma Constant Current DMX dimmer and any 24V LED driver. This mini spotlight is a down-light replacement on steroids and will surely become a favourite among lighting professionals as well as set designers, set decorators, and anyone who gets the opportunity to see or use one.

RGBW Focusable Spotlight
10 Degree to 45 Degree Zoom
Swivel Head
Contstand Current Dimmer Required / 24VDC / 350ma / 5 Watt / RGB+W (3000K)
Requires a 350mA constant current dimmer.  
We recommend our Cinque CC 350MA or our Cinque CC 700MA.
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