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FlexLED 60 UV 24V Indoor Bare end wires 365nm I24V5UV3005050

LED Tape

UV FlexLED - 365 ~ 410nm
Our UV FlexLED is designed for use in any environment that requires UV (black light) effects. Available in two wavelength options of either 365nm or 410nm. 410nm is 'borderline' UV but is still within the visible spectrum.
True UV light begins at 400nm and below. 365nm wavelength UV is considered UV-A light. UV-A light is safer than UV-B or UV-C rays however precautions to use appropriate. protection when exposed to UV-A is advised.

Suitable for residential, television, industrial, and commercial applications
Indoor and weatherproof strips have 3M 200MP double-sided tape on the back which makes installation as easy as peel n stick.

Maximum recommended length in order to prevent line-loss is 6.7m (22')
Dimmer, power supply and extension cables sold separately

Soldering Guidelines:
Soldering iron should be between 360°C and 372°C.  Please ensure not to heat each solder pad for longer than 3 seconds otherwise separation of the solder pads can occur.


Product Type : FlexLED 60 UV 24V
Product Code : I24VUV3005050
Kelvin : N/A 365nm - 410nm
PCB Color : White
Current, Rating : 0.6 A / meter
Voltage : 24 VDC
Wattage : 14.4 W / meter
CC / CV : Constant Voltage
IP Rating : IP43
Lumens @ Full : 960 lm / meter
Lumen / Watt : 66.6
Lifetime* : 50,000 hours
Cutting Length : 10 CM
LED Quantity : 60 LED / meter
Number of Contacts : 2
LED Type : 5050
Copper Quantity : 2 Oz.
Temperature, Operating, Maximum : 70 C
Temperature, Operating, Minimum : -40 C
Agency Ratings : UL - E489028, CE, RoHS
PCB Width : 10MM
Maximum Recommended Length : 5 meters
Viewing Angle : 120
Adhesion : 200MP 3M


  1. Specification Sheet

  2.  UL Certificate of Compliance
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