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Solid-state LED monitor has 25-year minimum life expectancy. A high visibility, wide-angle lens indicates protection is in place. Impact-resistant thermoplastic exterior resists impacts and scrapes. Triple-wipe, copper-alloy contacts for superior, more dependable connection. Audible alarm alert of MOV damage. Alarm able to be turned On/Off. Wrap around steel strap for structural integrity. Auto-ground is standard, for easier installation. External screw-pressure-plate back and side wire terminals including ground with external back wire clamps (exclusive) accept #14 - #10 AWG copper or copper-clad, solid or stranded conductors. External pressure plate feature allows two conductors to be terminated by a single screw. Wave-soldered circuit board encapsulated in epoxy provides superior electrical, mechanical and thermal stability. Thermal protection in 3 modes. 3 18mm dual pack MOVs absorb up to 210 Joules of excess energy in each leg (L-N, L-G, N-G) with 13,000 amp current handling capability for full, equal and symmetrical protection. With 150V rating, each MOV is less susceptible to common spikes that degrade 130V varistors. Protection response time in less than one nanosecond.

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