LED Fixture

The LXFXBX stands for 'lighting effects box' and is a world's first in effects playback
and generation.   Designed specifically for the cinematic arts professional.

A complete solution for illuminating small spaces with individual pixel control which provides limitless possibilities for special effect lighting.
This complete compact kit includes effect lighting bars, cabling, and power supply while allowing for remote playback via a built-in WIFI network. Utilizing your own smart phone or laptop enables the end user to choose from a large selection of
effects and adjust their brightness and speed on-the-fly.

Plug'n'Play connectivity allows for quick set-up in demanding, high paced environments.
Large on-board power supply allows for powering up to 6 meters of LXFX Bars.
Utilizing cutting edge pixel chip technology the LXFXBX PixelSticks have been tested on camera and provide flicker-free lighting at speeds up to 1900 fps.

The PSU is expandable and capable of powering up to 13 0.5 Meter PixelSticks

The LXFXBX Kit Includes the following:

1 X PSU / WiFi Unit

5 X 0.5 Meter PixelSticks (43.2 Watt Each)

1 X 0.25 Meter PixelStick (21.6 Watt Each)

 Special FX

Police (Old & New)
Fire Truck (Old & New)
Ambulance (Old & New)
Paparazzi (Old & New)
Fire (Candle)
Fire (Wood Burning) Fireworks
Grand Fireworks Finale
End Burst Fireworks

Machine Gunshots Tracer Fire
Tracer Fire Burst Lightning
Color Chase
Color Fade
Clouds Passing
Club Lights
Street Lights Passing
More to be released soon ...




Agency Approvals : RoHS
Input Amperage : 7 A
Input Voltage : 90 - 305VAC & 127-431 VDC
Input Wattage : 600 Watt Max
Output Amperage : 4 X 6.5Amp
Output Voltage : 24VDC
Output Wattage : 4 X 150 Watt Max
IP Rating : Coming Soon
Artnet : 16 Universes
WiFi : 802.11AC/802.11A/802.11N/802.11G/802.11B
Transmission Rate : 2.4Ghz 300Mbps + 5G 867Mbps
Antenna : 4 X Detachable 5dBi Antenna (2 X 2.4 & 2 X 5Ghz)
LAN Ports (2) : Artnet IN LAN & WIFI Configure
WiFi Passcode : LXFXBX(serial#)
Operating Temperature : -20C - 40C
Maximum Cable Distance Between Fixtures : 16'
Maximum Cable Distance Between PSU & Fixture 1 : 48'
Fixture Power Draw : 43.2 Watt per 0.5 Meter Fixture
Fixture Power Voltage : 24VDC
Pixels Per Fixture : 144 LEDs
Power & Data In/Out : 5-Pin Waterproof Locking Chogori Connector
Pixel Type : High Power RGB FlickerFree LEDs
Cooling : Fixtures Are Passive / PSU Is Active (1 Fan)


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