PixelArt 416 PIXLART416 dimmer by Moss LED


A new 'state-of-the-art' Pixel Control unit ready for today's large pixel control applications. Features 1 standard DMX512 universe output (acting as a single E1.31 to DMX bridge) via a dedicated XLR 5-pin connector, in addition to the 16 universes of pixel output Single power input rated at 30A 4 individual pixel outputs via 4 position terminal blocks with each output protected by 5A mini blade fuse in the event of an over-current situation. (can be changed up to 7.5A) Receives up to 16 universes of Artnet or sACN data with an additional 1 x universe of DMX 512 output E1.31 data via the on-board female XLR 5 connector. 4 layer PCB with high copper density Total output capacity of 2,730 RGB pixels (max 628 per output) or2048 RGBW pixels (max 512 per output) Please ensure you are running the latest Firmware & Diode Manager to support the most recent pixel protocol additions. Firmware version 2.0.17 adds support fo GS8208 (12V RGB pixel) & version 2.0.19 adds support for UCS8904 (24V RGBW Pixel)


  1.  Diode Manager Configuration Guide
  2.  Diode Manager v.2.3.24
  3.  PixlArt416 Firmware V2.0.31
  4.  PixlArt416 Manual V1.1


  • Add support for  MBI6023 pixel


  • Fix stability issue with large volume of UCS8904 pixels
  • Add support for SM16714 pixel



  • Fix TLS3001 pixels flashing when a single pixel is illuminated
  • Add SK6813 pixel support
  • Fix RGBW pixel limit
  • Fix WS2811 timing (datasheet V1.4)
  • Update Art-Net OEM codes
  • Fix DMX512 RGBW mode
  • Fix TLS3001 timing on LR ports 1 and 3
  • Fix Test mode frame rate incorrect synchronising to Art-Net

  • V2.0.28
  • Bug Fixes

  • V2.0.27
  • Add support for TM1914
  • Add support for SM16703 and SM16704


    -Leave sACN groups before reboot on config change
    -Implement sequence checking for sACN
    -Visually identify units with a new UDP packet
    -Fix ArtPollReply not reporting high universe numbers
    -Add single pixel test mode
    -Add support for APA104 and APA109


    - IMPORTANT: Fix ArtNet to DMX bug (which can also affect pixel outputs)

    - Fix RGBW pixels could incorrectly subscribe to too many universes

    - Fix incorrect value for "white" in test mode may show in Diode Manager

    - DMX512 pixel driver supports RGBW pixels


    - Internal release. OEM changes.


    - Add WS2814 support


    - Improve Jitter


    - Add Art-Net to DMX support

    - Fix DMX output test mode when live sACN data also being streamed to the port


    - Add UCS8904 pixel driver support


    - Color fade test runs smoother (incremental frame by frame steps)


    - Add WS2815 pixel driver support

    - Add GS8208 pixel driver support


    - Add 4 channel gamma correction

    - Add MY9291 pixel driver support

    - Add white channel in set color test mode for RGBW pixels


    - Fixed incorrectly calculating the Art-Net broadcast address if 4th Subnet Mask byte not 0.


    - Add TM1814 support


    - Internal release. OEM changes.


    - Add UCS8903 support


    - Internal release. OEM changes.


    - Fix sACN/Art-Net timeout

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