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Pluto Kit

LED Fixture
Introducing our first All-In-One kit. Named after the dwarf planet in our solar system, this kit is great for being used in any tight spaces. On location shooting will never be the same. Shooting in small kitchens, offices, bathrooms, or vehicles do not accommodate traditional fixtures very easily. These spaces are where the Pluto kit excels. The Pluto kit consists of the following and includes quick connectors for all parts: 2 X 25CM ML6 Bi-Color FlexLED sheets 2 X 25CM ML2 Bi-Color FlexLED sheets 2 X 20CM Bi-Color LuxLines 2 X 60CM FlexLED Bi-Color Single Row 1 X LuxBox V3 1 X 100W DC2DC Booster (Boosts any voltage to 24VDC) 1 X 120W Car Charger 12V -> 24V 1 X 90W Plug-In Power Supply (GSM90B24-P1M) incl. C7 Cable 2 X 8' 5-Pin Waterproof Locking Cables 1 X Y-Cable 5-Pin 1 X NANUK 920 Carrying Case
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