Quad-LED DMX - 4 Channel Dimmer


Quad-LED Dimmer The latest firmware comes with a locking feature which can be de-activated simply by holding down the enter key for 3 seconds. Our Quad-LED Dimmer is a simple, four channel plug n play DMX controller with manual mode and variable frequency. This controller can be used with all of our 12V - 24V FlexLED Tape products and Modules This unit converts DMX-512/1990 standard digital signal into four dimmable channels. Uses RJ45 Ethernet cables to control LEDs via any lighting console or through computer software. Can create over 16 million colors when used with our Colorful (RGBA or RGBW or RGB OR Bi-Color OR White) FlexLED Tape. LCD Interface provides easy functionality for DMX addressing as well as full manual mode & test control options.


  1.  UL Certificate of Compliance
  2.  Quad-LED Manual
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