RENTAL - Water-Resistant Channel 25in with 5-in-1 LED Tape

BH Rental

25 inches 5-in-1 Led Tape in an enclosed diffused Water-Resistant Channel.

Each is equipped  with a Male connection in one end and Female connection on the other.  

RGB+WW+CW All-Ina-One


This product is a break-through in LED packaging technology and allows for virtually limitless colour options.  Red, Green, Blue + WW + CW LED all in one small package.

This product is available in a CRI of over 80 in both the 2400k and 6500k chips as well as a CRI of over 95 in the 2700k and 6500k version.


***Priced as weekly Rental***

***Contact us for Availability and long term rental pricing***

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