Snot Tape 3/8" clear

Adhesive Transfer Tape - 3/8" x 60yds
Scapa 4450 Adhesive Transfer Tape - 3/8" x 60yds - Acid Neutral Scapa 4450 is an acrylic adhesive transfer film tape that is acid neutral (pH 7). Unlike other ATG Tapes, it is not reverse wound or on a 1" core so cannot be used with an ATG dispenser to apply it (please note that it will not fit or work in an ATG dispenser for these reasons). Scapa 4450 is used for self-adhesive labels and nameplates, mounting of photographs and posters, and splicing tape for film and paper webs. It is also used for graphic arts applications, picture framing, exhibit and POP displays and product assembly. Other applications include mounting promotional item and posters and also mounting picture frame mat boards and dust covers. It has good long-term aging properties, good temperature resistance, and glass fibers in adhesive provide easier application and clean break of adhesive. Some call it snot tape aka clear butyl because it is a sticky rubbery adhesive that is handy for temporarily mounting things.
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